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ipoints - Frequently Asked Questions

What are ipoints?

ipoints are valuable Internet Rewards and can be collected when shopping online through zooplus and other online retailers. ipoints can then be spent on an exciting and innovative range of products from selected partners who are dedicated to the highest standards of quality and security that are full of cool stuff like CDs, Videos, DVDs to flights around the world.
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How can I collect ipoints?

You can collect ipoints when you purchase products from zooplus. By adding items to your basket, the ipoints calculator will work out how many ipoints you're entitled too. Once you have completed your order you simply enter your ipoints username and password or register with ipoints to claim them.
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When will my ipoints be credited?

Once the order is completed and paid in full your ipoints allocation will be sent to the ipoints website and will be added to your account. Please be aware that this could take up to 30 days.
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My ipoints aren’t showing on my account, what should I do?

If your ipoints have not been credited to your account, you will need to take the matter up with www.ipoints.co.uk. You can email them here info@ipoints.co.uk, to help speed up the process please include your zooplus order number, your user name and the date on which the order was placed. ipoints will endeavour to solve your query within 48 hours.
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How can I create an ipoints account?

Please use our registration form or just fill out the required details once you have completed your order with zooplus.
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Can I get ipoints using the express checkout without registration?

No. ipoints can only be credited, if you register for a zooplus customer account. The account is necessary to store your ipoints information.
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I have forgotten my password?

Just visit www.ipoints.co.uk and go to the My Account section, click on the Can’t remember your password option. Your account details will be confirmed.
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I have forgotten my username?

Email feedback@ipoints.co.uk using the email address you are registered to ipoints with, and you will receive an email confirming your details.
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How can I see how many ipoints I have?

This information isn’t stored on the zooplus website, you need to go to www.ipoints.co.uk and to the My Account section, here you can view details of your account.
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